TrueDetox Tea 30ct Box

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True2Life TrueDetoxTea contains a blend of herbs known for their cleansing and digestive benefits through a naturaldetoxandbodycleanse. The powerful blend ofSennaleaf,cinnamonbark, andgingerroot cleanses anddetoxifies the inner ecosystem, whileorangepeel,peppermintleaf,andchamomileflower provide immune and digestive support.

Who it’s for: anyone seeking a natural way to cleanse the body and support their digestive and immune systems.   

What it does: provides natural detoxing and cleansing properties through a powerful blend of herbs.   

What Sets This Product Apart? 
A unique beverage source for cleansing the body and aiding in digestive and immune support.  

Main Ingredients/Benefits 



Senna leaf 

Considered a stimulant laxative because it stimulates bowel muscle contractions. 1  

Cinnamon bark 

Loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenol, that protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. May also help boost the immune system. 2 

Ginger root 

Know to help speed up the emptying of the stomach, treat nausea, and provide anti-inflammatory effects. 3  

Orange peel 

Helps aid digestion and promote regularity. 4 

Peppermint leaf 

May help relieve indigestion and improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 5 

Chamomile flower 

Provides immune and digestive support. 6 


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