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Youngevity FitShake is an all-natural, easily digestible protein powder, with 25 grams of lean-muscle, gut-friendly protein per serving. With four unique protein sources, this shake is the ultimate way to build, maintain, and recover lean muscle mass and keep burning fat. It naturally contains electrolytes and minerals, along with collagen and gelatin to help support connective tissue, healthy skin, and healthy joints. Enjoy its delicious flavor with water, almond milk, coconut milk, or in your favorite smoothie. Just 150 calories per serving!

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Who it’s for: anyone seeking support for optimal athletic performance through bone and joint support.  

What it does: focuses on the health and strength of muscles, connective tissues, and joints to help you get the most out of your exercise routine.  

What Sets This Product Apart? 

Made with a blend of carefully targeted ingredients, it provides the unique benefit of enhancing athletic performance through muscular system support—including the tissues and joints vital to the maintenance of muscle.   

Main Ingredients/Benefits:  



Whey protein concentrate 

An excellent source of protein known to promote muscle growth. 1 

Coconut milk 

May help reduce joint pain and inflammation. 2  

Fermented Vitamin D 

Helps your body absorb calcium to increase bone density. 3 


1 (Whey protein) British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017 

2(Coconut Milk) Journal Pharmaceutical Biology, 2015 

3 Harvard Medical School, 2018 

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